How to Buy Stocks

The most common & frequently asked question is “How to buy stock or which stock to Buy” and my answer is always same as shown in above image. You need to follow 8 steps to become successful in stock market.

  1. Educate Yourself: This is the first and most important step to earn money from stock market. If you will skip or ignore this step then you might never be able to earn from market. Price action and technical analysis is the key of stock market. Technical analysis and price action will help you to select best stocks for Intraday trading, Swing trading, Investment etc.

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2. Do research about brokers: Choosing the right broker is as important as choosing the right stock to invest. Broker should be registered with SEBI and should follow all guidelines provided by SEBI. DO NOT GO FOR ‘DABBA BAJAR BROKER’ (GRAY MARKET BROKER).

3. Open Demat Account: Open your demat account using any of the below links & get additional benefits from our side.

4. Transfer Money to Demat account: You should only invest the amount which you don’t need and can be invested for some time to generate returns.

5. Get Set Go! : Now apply whatever you have learned and do your analysis. Then Wait for entry signals and take trade and place SL (stop loss) immediately. Book profit and enjoy! If you have learned and earned the share with your friends and family members and help them to earn.

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