Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you have a issue?

First thing, Do not Panic! as someone has said, “This, too, shall pass.” Second, read the FAQs below you might find a solution to your problem, if not just drop an email on [email protected] and pray to the god our support team answers to your email, he he just kidding! We will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

How to create an account on website?

You need to create an account before taking a course. Click on ‘Register’ button present on the top right of website home page and then click ‘Student registration’. a popup for log in will open, click on ‘Sign Up’ button. Enter your Email Id, Password and Mobile No. to register for an account. (You may need to verify your Mobile no. by OTP and also confirm your email ID)

Can I take course from mobile and PC?


How to take a Course?

(To be able to watch the course, you must buy the course). After you have purchased the course from website, You can visit the same course and you should be able to access the course. It might take 24 hours to get the access. Please contact us in case of any doubt.

I have issues with Login, what should I do?

You can click on Forgot Password link to reset your password from the login screen. We will send the new password to your registered email address. Try to login with the new password.
If the issue still persists, drop an email to [email protected] with the issue details and screenshots.

I am unable to access the Course, what should I do?

Please check whether you are using the same email, which was used for purchasing/using the access code. Check for the course in your All Course section. If the course is still not available, please drop an email to [email protected]

Do you provide any stock tips or financial advice?

Sorry, we don’t provide any stock specific or financial advice at present.

How to report an issue on the Website?

For any other issues, please drop an email to [email protected] with the complete issue details.

I am new to this , Can I enroll?

Yes , Courses are designed in such a way that anyone can understand and learn from it.

Do you have EMI option?

No, we don’t have that option, Almost 50% of our Students joined our course by earning from the Free strategies that I had taught in youtube. You shall do the same.